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  • Lat pulldown....

    How do you do yours? To the front or behind the neck? Is one better than the other? I only go to the front on mine as I just don't want to risk injury even going lighter weight.
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    I go to both. When I was younger I used to do olympic lifts and I'd work on my jerk and snatch (or overhead squat) from my shoulders so I didn't understand the problem with moving on the backside. However, I usually stay in front for no im-particular reason.

    But, what do I know.


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      To the front only. And with my shoulder problems and limited range of motion I typically go to my chin instead of clavicles as I used to in the past.
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        I have VERY long arms (6 1 and 1/2 footer)
        I do mine front with v bar or with wide grip
        Wide I only go to my nose... I seem to get a full contraction on my lats there
        With the v bar to the top of the chest and touch
        Occasionally behind the neck and touch the top of the back of my head like ear level
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          Front with V/U grip.
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            I've got some great pumps doing them this way:
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              I like the way dusty does his variation widowmaker of the way leaned over cable row with the rope leaned way over at the seated row station
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              I see you didn't take a s#!t before deadlifting....
              I too like to live dangerously


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                Only to the front, also to avoid injuries.


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                  I do my lat pulls from the front only. . .

                  Because of what seems to be a prominent answer here. . . to avoid injury. . .

                  and I also do mine super slow to make sure I hit the "negative" lift going back up. . . I make sure I really feel it in my lats. . .

                  My sister once told me "imagine your hands as hooks only, make sure you feel it in your lats" When I have tried from the back it seems my range of motion is sacrificed to a limited amount and my hands and forearms are doing most of the work. . . which obviously isn't the goal at hand here.



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                    Front only. When I studied biomechanics of the shoulder in college, behind the neck press and pull downs seemed like a bad idea for joint health. That being said I really like a good pull over machine for lats. The old school chain Naut, and the Hammer pullover machines are my favorites. DB pullovers I feel in my chest and cable pull down are difficult for me to stabilize when I get to a decent weight.



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                      All to the front for me...I've tried BTN (it has been many years), but it just didn't feel 'right' to me.

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