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Any guess at what injury this is?

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  • Any guess at what injury this is?

    The injury came about a few months ago when I was working 60 hrs/week and spending most of that time at a desk. I wasn't doing any type of mobility or flexibility work either for months prior. I ended up trying to hit a 1rm on my Deadlift and my lower back became very tense and cut my breath about mid lift, I remember ending my workout there and leaving then spending the next couple days doing absolutely nothing. After a while it seemed to get better but even now > 3 months after I can't do any jump rope, jogging, any type of impacting cardio or else my lower back, almost ass area starts to ache, the pain doesn't radiate down my leg. It's just in my lower back, also sometimes when I get up I get a back spasm depending on the angle I get up. Here is the weird thing, I can do rack Deads below knee with 300 + with no pain and my back feels better after I do them for about a day or two. I've been really stubborn and only actually went for x-rays two weeks ago so I'm hoping something shows up, I'm 25 yrs old so I doubt it's arthritis or anything like that. Would appreciate any guesses

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    I get that nothing radiates down your leg but where is the pain, exactly?


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      Skip, I would say it's right at the bottom of my spine, tailbone, it's like a constant ache, and if I shift my hips around I can hear something like grinding/clicking too. If I'm sitting down for any length of time it seems to get worse, it's not an excruciating pain but it's very uncomfortable. I'm going to check at my family Dr today to see what came up on the x-ray, if not too sure but aren't MRI's the best way to see if there's any issues with the discs/joints?


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        Sacro-illiac or/and Lumbo -sacral misalignment. Gonstead chiropractor is best for the area IMHO.

        The tailbone is down by your anus. Is that where you are feeling it?


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          Yep exactly