Ever since I learned about Extreme Stretching after workouts and started Dynamic Warm Ups for athletic activities, I only stretch at the end of my exercise.

But I'm starting to think it would be best to find answers to the following questions:

Does anyone stretch during workouts? For example, if you worked out Legs and had HIIT Stair Climbing planned for the end of the workout, would you stretch between the lifting and the cardio?

If you do Stretch between workouts and at the end, do you save the Extreme stretches for the end and only do light stretching in between?

Has anyone found any benefit to a day of Yoga added to your routine? I'm considering adding it to improve with flexibility and recovery, but I'm not sure if a full class of Yoga would make me sore instead of helping me recover.

Is it worth warming up a muscle just to stretch it out the day after lifting? I've been doing cardio almost everyday lately, and I've noticed stretching my legs everyday really helps them stay fresh through the week. Would it be helpful to warm up your upper body the day after a lift for the sole purpose of stretching it out?

I have a lot of muscles I hit indirectly through all of my workouts. How much would you guys recommend I stretch these muscles? I usually only do Extreme Stretching for muscles I hit directly in a workout.

I guess I'm just reassessing an area of my workouts that I haven't really looked at in a while. How do you guys stretch in addition to Extreme Stretching?