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Anyone else wear earplugs at the gym?

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  • Anyone else wear earplugs at the gym?

    So, I've lately been wearing earplugs at the gym. I started doing it because I'm having computer problems and can't get any new songs loaded onto my MP3 player, but the more I do it, the more I think I might actually prefer it to listening to music. Only disadvantage seems to be that I have longish hair which covers my ears, so people sometimes think I'm ignoring them when they ask if they can work in, if I'm using a piece of equipment, etc. No headphone cords to clue them in to the fact that I can't hear them.

    I can hear the sound of people around me, can hear conversations going on, but can almost never make out what's being said. The loudest sound is my own breathing. Focusing on my breathing seems to help me stay focused on my workouts much better than listening to music ever did.

    Anyone else do this?
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    My earplugs need to have music coming out of them.

    It's a preference. If it works for you, stay with it.


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