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  • IMPORTANT: Research Companies right now

    I took down the the RC forum and the banner because after YEARS of not having RC sponsors here, we added one about a month ago. We have since taken down the forum and we plan to leave it down as we decided that even though there haven't ever been any legal issues with RC companies unless they get caught up in other illegal drugs (like rec drugs, etc.), that we just don't want to deal with this potential liability.

    There have been some quiet questions about things going on in the RC world and with another RC company's website going offline a couple days ago (and coming back up) and the RC company that was advertising here going offline a few days ago (and is still down) I don't want problems for them and I don't want problems for myself.

    RCs are a huge grey area and have been by-and-large left alone but it just isn't something that we want to get involved in after not being involved for the large majority of the time IM has been in existence.


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