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exercises to strengthen hips and glutes

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  • exercises to strengthen hips and glutes

    ok as the topic states i am looking for a routine that will help me strengthen my hips and glutes that i can perform with calves 2-3x a week.

    i battle with knock knees and flat feet and this obviously is a hip strength thing, so i want to try a routine to strengthen,lengthen,and stretch the hips,glutes and lower back and help with activating my tiny glutes. i do squat low but trying to get it lower.

    any help, or routine to help me build the glutes and hips up to help me would be much appreciated.

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    Bottom up zercher squats.(from 2" above parallel)
    Bb hip thrusts
    Pull throughs
    Dimmel deads

    Do you deadlift? (conventional or sumo?)


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      Don't really deadlift, I do still leg dead. I will google this though..


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        Imprezivr6's list is very good, have used them all.

        If you've got bands, I like these also. Banded sl dls.