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List of Mr. Olympia competitors 2004

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  • List of Mr. Olympia competitors 2004

    This list was borrowed from another site:

    # Name Country How Qualified
    1 Ronnie Coleman USA Mr. Olympia Winner
    3 Jay Cutler USA 2003 Olympia
    3 Dexter Jackson USA 2003 Olympia
    4 Dennis James USA 2003 Olympia
    5 Gunter Schlierkamp Germany 2003 Olympia
    6 Kevin Levrone USA 2003 Olympia
    7 Troy Alves USA 2003 Grand Prix Russia
    8 Ernie Taylor England 2003 Grand Prix England
    9 Mustafa Mohammad Jordan 2003 Grand Prix Holland
    10 Lee Priest Australia 2004 Ironman Pro
    11 Gustavo Badell Puerto Rico 2004 Ironman Pro
    12 Chris Cormier USA 2004 Arnold Classic
    13 Markus Ruhl Germany 2004 Arnold Classic
    14 Kris Dim USA 2004 San Francisco Pro
    15 Darrem Charles Trinidad 2004 Orlando Pro
    16 Ahmad Haidar Lebanon 2004 Orlando Pro
    17 Craig Richardson USA 2004 Orlando Pro
    18 Melvin Anthony USA 2004 Night of Champions
    19 Richard Jones USA 2004 Night of Champions
    20 Pavol Jablonicky Czech 2004 Night of Champions
    21 Jaroslav Horvath Slovakia 2004 Hungarian Pro
    22 Johnnie Jackson USA 2004 Toronto Pro
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    No Titus?
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      I think this challenge round will at least make the posing more interesting.
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        I think I read where Lee Priest was not going to be there.....can't say that is the gospel though.

        Pretty impressive line up.....Jay supposedly put on some size this year. Ought to be a good show.

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          The site where I pulled the list from did say some of guys on the list may not make for various reasons. So you were correct SS, Lee Priest was one of the names listed as a possible no show.
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            How about Levrone? I have seen him training this year he still looks great. I know he got hurt last year.

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              Thought I heard that Levrone was not competing, but that could well be wrong.
              Should be a tremendous show. Hope PPV carries it, challenge round sounds very

              But who in their right mind would challenge Ronnie, especially from the back? And also feel sorry for whomever Ronnie challenges!


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                Kris Dim qualified?? Wow!!! Amazing.


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                  is cutler actually gunna do the O this year, if so and its on PPV im on it
                  i always agree with what i say


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                    I thought there was a special invite given to a Russian Guy... what's his name?


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                      I think I know the one you are talking about. He was on Flex a couple of months back. I think they had a show in Russia and they brought out this 25 year old guy who was as big as Ronnie. Just mind-boggling. I wonder what his insides looks like.