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  • Motivation

    Motivation help. I honestly don't know if their is a good answer for this one but I figured I would shoot this question out there and see if I can get any help.

    Situation, Just wrapped up my defense at school and am looking for employment, I have a post-doc-ish appointment to support me until I find work but needless to say everything is kind of in a weird limbo state. I am in the process of importing my long-time GF from Canada as she just finished her PhD and she is very near to getting a job to allow for proper importation.

    Problem, My routine is off. When this happens I suffer greatly in a lot of areas, but one area in particular is my gym effort. In the past I had a little help because of an impending competition would keep me on track, but I am taking time off of the competition circuit. I think it was Dusty that always said, unless you have your wallet right, your time right, etc. trying to do contest prep without full commitment is hopeless. So without the stress of an upcoming stage presence weighing on me, I just find it hard to establish any form of consistent routine. My diet is programmed, so that always tends to stay in check. But my programming has been, for lack of a better term, complete bull shit as of recent. My last competition was in August of last year the NC Muscle Heat Contest. Immediately after the contest I stayed on track and focused, rinse, wash, repeat the grind. But as of late I have consistently missed workouts or just half assed them.

    My first solution was to try something new. Timing couldn't have been better, as Scott released Fortitude at the height of my motivation freeze. I read the book, loved the book, and have always been a fan of maximum frequency. Truth be told, my most successful workout regime that I have ever done was an old waterbury high frequency system. So Scott's FT seemed like exactly what I needed to get back to the grind.

    Present day, I have devised a plan for FT, selected my Loading A,B,C's, selected a Muscle round pool, and strategized effective Pump sets. This was three weeks ago, and Monday (Lower load / Upper pump) has started great, Wednesday goes well, then I go to shit and half ass / skip my Muscle Round days. I really can not pinpoint what is going on here, I have been consistent for the last 10 years without fail, so this feeling is very new to me.

    Changes, Most recent my stress levels are probably heightened with my defense at school, job search, and accomplishing everything to bring the GF here, all of which are good things, in fact great things, but have induced a little stress. Also since my last show my supplementation has changed a great deal as some of the other things just didn't seem necessary while not in contest prep.

    Any ideas? What does everyone else do in these times?


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    go full body 3x week and skip something as regimented and demanding as dont do Fortitude now and conclude that it doesnt work because your not in the proper frame to apply it.

    it sounds like your routine has gone to shit because you have far more IMPORTANT things to attend to/worry about. Id have a loose schedule, perhaps M/W/F and make sure you do a squat type movement, a press and a pull everything else can be free-styled including sets reps and wont get you where you want to go but for 2-4 months its better to stick to SOMETHING, and i promise it will get you chomping at the bit when the time comes to get back to werecking shop.
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      Solid advice trucelt, much appreciated. I admit that I have never been good at prioritizing things and i suck at dealing with multiple variables at one time. Your explanation really made me think about things in a different light, it's not necessarily that something is wrong and subsequently causing my workouts to suffer, but more so that I have a lot of important shit to take care of outside of the gym at the moment.


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        Actually, you jumped ship just when FT can get fun.

        The regimented part is simply picking your favorite go to loading exercises.

        Pump sets and MR's are to be chosen as you go along if you like - free styled as Tru phrased it... (There is no need to pre-determine these in a regimented sort of way as you seem to have done them, especially on a first Progressive Blast.)

        (Check the FAQ for the question on traveling and using MR's to try out new machines at new gyms, etc.)

        Anyway, my thought is to keep this simple - HAVE FUN. If it's not fun, rewarding, necessary for your health, etc. then why do it?...

        The Book Has Arrived!
        The Book Has Arrived!

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          That's what's fun about FT. I Can't wrap my head around not having a log book to beat, I just love it. I also sometimes missed the volume/pump stuff while on DC. In my mind they were mutually exclusive. For me FT has everything I love wrapped into one program.


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            I am using all new gear in the gym and loving it. Last night I went later and it was very very busy so I changed a number of exercises to things that didn't have a line up. Very helpful.
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              Regardless of what style of training you choose, it seems that taking the pressure off of it and making sure you are enjoying it would help, rather than seeing it as just another variable to manage. Not to push FT, but it is a very flexible program (such as exercise selection on non-loading sets, as well as the fact that if you miss a workout, you still have trained everything that week, probably twice). Then again, sometimes there are periods when life finds a better flow when not being bound to a logbook or system at all, and you need to temporarily give yourself permission to train just for fun, no strings attached.
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