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Anyone know what these are?

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  • Anyone know what these are?

    Looking at the pic you can see two knots on my left leg (right looking at pic). Wife is worried about them and wants me to go to dr. They are soft to the touch and don't hurt so I wasn't really worried about it. Sometimes can barely see them but other times they are very noticeable.
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    I have them too. Thought they were veins that were deepr under the skin versus those closer to the surface.
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      I have them too, as well as compartment syndrome in my calves. My ASTYM therapist said they were part of the muscle bulging through the fascia. My dad has them also and has no issues with his calves (he used to be a marathon runner).
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        I just discovered one in my thigh during this prep. Soft to touch, no pain. I also think that it may be a vein, but I'm not sure (I'm also very vascular). Could be a lipoma (benign pocket of fat just below the skin). The worrier in me wants to know if it's a tumor. I've considered trying to draw blood from it before spending any $$ on a dr.
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