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Back volume on low volume routines

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  • Back volume on low volume routines

    I am currently doing a DC inspired routine set up as push/pull/legs using 1 exercise for every muscle group RP'd just as you would in DC. I workout mon-sat and take Sundays off. It's essentially the 3 way but doing it mon-sat or 3 on 1 off with no widow makers. For me I am able to progress and able to get in more frequency , it works for me. My question is about back thickness and the use of only 1 exercise. For me I notice a huge difference in how for instance a row hits my back depending on my grip. Take a t bar row and overhand upright row. The tbar row brought into my lower stomach really hits the lats, as opposed to the overhand grip hitting my traps/upper back. I've decided to have 2 thickness exercises, one neutral/underhand bringing the weight in lower, and one overhand row bringing the weight slightly higher. I've noticed my strength stays pretty strong for my second exercise, which leads me to believe I am indeed hitting my back in an entirely different way. Also I have been able to progress every workout, so the extra volume doesn't seem to be hindering my progress. Unlike for chest where if I did 2 exercises my second one would be a huge drop off from my maximum Weignt I could use, and most likely progression would hault. Curious if anyone has done this in a lower volume routine it even tweaked their DC. My 2 current back workout look like this.

    1. Underhand pulldown RP
    Tbar row x12 x8
    Rack pulls warmups then an all out 1x8-12

    2. D grip pulldown
    Upright overhand row x12 x8
    D grip pulley row x12 x8

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    Dorian Yates comes to mind. A bit different to your setup but basically a pulldown /width exercise followed by 2 thickness exercises.

    Here is a vid of it. see 5:40 where he explains why he chooses a 2nd rowing exercise.

    Since watching this some time ago I switched to something similar as far as a 2nd row exercise with a wide grip.
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      That's funny because a while ago I made a post about only doing underhand/neutral grip pulldowns for back width and someone posted an article where Dorian said never did overhand pulldowns.