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  • The Good The Bad & The Ugly

    For those of you who are advanced in the bodybuilding, powerlifting, or the strongman arena (who have been doing it for 10 years or so); what was your one favorite aspect of your chosen passion. Also, what was the one thing you hate the most?
    Was it force-feeding yourself? Was it the butterflies before your competition? Was it "cutting"? Was it forcing yourself to workout when you absolutely did not want to (i.e. depressed, tired, hungry, sore, etc.)?

    The Good:
    Working out with my wife (who is now in Afghanistan). This has done so much more than keep me on track for lifting, but has strengthened our relationship beyond belief.

    The Bad:
    For me, I'm not a big fan of eating (probably because I try to eat healthy most of the time); so when I was in my younger years wanting to get huge, I hated eating.

    The Ugly:
    Before I met my wife; I was obsessed with lifting/getting stronger and bigger that I really had no social life for about 2 years. I definitely took it to the extreme with sleeping/eating that I wouldn't allow room for anything else.

    Looking forward to hearing what y'all have to say...
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    Surprised no one else has responded.

    The initial draw for me was that no one else really did it and I wanted to stand out. That was at 14. Since then, I have seen that from the vehicle I have to the things I have and the hobbies I have, etc., I apparently loathe mediocrity. I want to be different than everyone else so bodybuilding fed that.

    Not so much these days, it seems. It has become so "normal" and mainstream that the appeal isn't anything of what it used to be, at least for me. It is all consuming, as well, and to do it for 30 years does sometimes have me wondering how I could poor that much time into one thing. I do admit that I still love it, though.


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