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Bringing Protein in Canada

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  • Bringing Protein in Canada

    I was wondering if anyone has driven (or flown for that matter) into Canada with protein powder. What are the steps i need to follow to be able to do this? Or.. Is doing this a big hassle that will ultimately end up with me losing my protein in the end? I tried contacting border agency and they were not any help.

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    How much are you bringing?

    I've flown into Canada, and other countries, with a couple lbs with no problem at all.

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      No word of a lie..
      I brought back with me 25lbs of protein powder, neatly wrapped in ziplock bags :P Zero issues.
      This was when True nutrition still offered the "25lb Recession packs"that came in the gigantic bags. I had one shipped to my parents place (The shipping to Canada is horrible), and planned on bringing it home with me in checked baggage. Well my Mom decided to do me a favor before getting there, ad split it into smaller packages for "easier transport".
      Nothing came of kinda boring story.


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        Thanks for the input guys. There was zero problem brining it in.
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