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1 Week out and 4 Weeks out From a Show...Skipload Question

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  • 1 Week out and 4 Weeks out From a Show...Skipload Question

    I'll be working with Skip when my off season begins and I've been reading lots on this website among others about the skipload.

    Question is this. Next week I compete and then I have another show 3 weeks later. Chances are I'll be having a cheat meal/(s) to recover/reward myself.

    Would it be better to just not cheat on the Saturday of the show and turn Sunday into a Skipload? Either a 4 or 6 hour window and then back to my diet? Just curious to what others least this way I could possibly get a benefit out of my cheat and come in even leaner the follow week/weeks.

    Thanks everyone and I look forward to posting often and learning from everyone!

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    Load the day after the show, yes.

    Good to see you here posting!


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      Thank you sir and I look forward to joining your team.

      Would a 4 or 6 hour window be best since this is my first skip load? Then my depletion has been no carbs but green veggies Monday through Thursday...change that up at all?

      Just trying to get some last minute skip load advice since it is my first one.


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        I'm just worried with my carb load from week of show that a Skip Load on Sunday after the show would be counter productive? I'll be right back on diet Sunday evening...but if I don't do a Skip Load I'll just have a good meal Saturday night and start back on diet Sunday.



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          Worried about carbing up for the show and then the skip load won't work and put me behind rather than moving progress forward and losing a few more pounds before my next show on June 21.


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            Why not both? Reward yourself with a few goodies on Saturday night (I don't know much about your federation or shows, but sometimes we didn't get done till damn near 10:00PM or later, so you are usually dead tired and probably won't shove that much food in anyway before you crash), so you could use a little "primer" on Saturday night and then Skipload on Sunday morning after the show for whatever timeframe you decide or The Skip-in-ator recommends. Then back on the diet as normal. I was in the same situation as you (about 4 or 5 weeks apart), and I ended up starting at 11:00pm the night before and Skiploading the entire next day until about 9:00 PM for the last show. Everyone is different and the amount of muscle you carry, leanness, body comp, etc all make a difference, but my long winded point is, if you are stepping on stage for your first show, you must me relatively lean by then, and one or two more carb meals will be like a raindrop in the ocean (it won't make a difference).... my 2 cents...I am not even close to being as knowledgeable, tan or as ugly as Skip, so take it for what it is worth.
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