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  • 5 Weeks Out...

    Hello everyone. I'm currently 5 weeks out from my first natural show and I feel pretty crap about where I am and doubt I'll be ready on time (see attached pictures).

    I started prepping on 25th November. Macro's started at (p250/c230/f60), currently at (p250/c130/f40). Not used skiploading, but had a weekly refeed which started after the first week at (p225/c400/f55), currently (p225/c350/f40).

    I've felt pretty exhausted the whole time and have in no way enjoyed this experience. I kind of just want to get it done now, but I don't want it to be for nought.

    What are people's thoughts / comments ?

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    your conditioning is def. not too bad and there can happen a LOT in 5 weeks so no need to get crazy worried as of right now.. but looking at your before pics you started prepping with a condition that wasnt too bad at all. it really suprises me that with calories beeing that low you didnt loose more weight over the course of 5 months.. i dont know how much youve been eating in your offseason but you might have stalled your metabolism by starting with that lowish kcals with such a "cute" little refeed once a week when planning a 6 months prep.. How much cardio are you doing and how often do you train a week ?


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      Don't be so hard on yourself bro, this is your first show and I'm guessing you did your prep by yourself. Your looking pretty lean and you will do well, just keep practicing your poses as presentation can be a key factor to where you will place. Keep us updated on the progress!
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        Thanks for your reply Teamlean-1.

        I have a friend handling my nutrition, he's been doing it since 2010.

        My offseason ran about 5-6 months last year with carb cycling. Macros at their height before I started my diet were:

        Training Day (P225/C510/80F)
        Rest Day (P225/C255/95F)

        I'm currently doing 6 x 10 sec HIIT sprints on a cross trainer on Monday's and Friday's (takes about 12 minutes or so). Walking with a weighted vest for 40-50 minutes on Wednesday's, Saturday's and Sunday's.

        I'm lifting weights on Monday's, Tuesday's, Thursday's and Friday's.


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          I've got my next "refeed" tomorrow and it does feel pathetic...


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            That seems like a long time to prep (and probably weighs in on why you are pretty exhausted and haven't enjoyed the experience). With that, it's not like the last few weeks of a prep are like Disneyland anyway...but in any case, with five weeks left, you look pretty good.

            Not sure why you feel crappy about where you're at? No reason, with five weeks left and where you are at that you couldn't be 'ready.'

            Good luck with the first show...try (easier said than done) to enjoy the final weeks.

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              5 Weeks Out...

              ah i see.. imo the drop of nearly 1500 kcal, especially when offseason kcals were far away from high was way drastic with 6 months given..
              if youre still progressing id just follow what was planned and dont do too drastic changes.. BUT IF and only IF youre completly stalled for weeks already id try and change something up.. For me personally id move my cardio to the mornings and do it in a fasted state and change frequency to every day + maybe a second session in the evening before my last meal (as far away from last carb meal as possible). Then id try to do a refeed which is a little more heavy and is actually able to fill you out.. because if youre depleted by the end of the week (which i def. know i am on 130 carbs) a refeed which is just a bit more than half your daily offseason carb intake is quite small and wont do too much.. you might even wanna try a skipload. good luck on your remaining prep and dont let your mind go too crazy with you haha
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                First off, welcome to bodybuilding! LOL! Dude, you are not behind. You look great. Alot can change in the last 5 weeks, but I would caution to stay the course and keep grinding away rather than making drastic changes. The last 3-4 weeks is when you can loose alot of hard earned muscle by cutting calories too low or running off your legs with too much cardio..usually it is both (cardio and calories) as you get closer and become paranoid that everything you eat is storing as fat, and every little wrinkle of skin you see is a huge amount of adipose tissue! You will be AMAZED what a great tan and paint job will do also!! You will see better detail and striations that you didn't think you had. Stay calm and stay the course. It is your first show, and you will do very well!!
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                  When reading your post I thought you ere going to look shit. I'm actual fact you look pretty good.

                  Get some good advice and bring it in. I think you will do ok.
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                    Thanks for everyone's input.

                    I guess the duration and how I look compared to cuts I've done in the past (which where a lot shorter). I've just felt like I should be a lot leaner for the time and effort I've put in.

                    Another thing is my libido has been non existent for the last 2 months.

                    I was feeling really negative about everything over the weekend, thinking I don't care about competing or even training anymore. I ended up starting a binge on Sunday night and finishing it Monday night.

                    Feeling pretty rough for it now.