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20 reps with "sloppy" form

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  • 20 reps with "sloppy" form

    I have been experimenting with 20rep-range with what some of you call "sloppy form", meaning that I dont bring the eccentric portion of the movement all the weay out and neither I bring the concentric portion all the way basically the reps look a little shorter in range but all in the 20 reps. My soreness has been off the charts, my lats feel wider...But is this all psychological or is there any evidence that I might be doing something that truly works at least for my body?

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    By the way, usually i always use full range in the 12 rep range and use a lower tempo. Here i am using a faster tempo with faster reps and shorter range...Any of you gusy has had similar experiences...I have nebver gotten pumps this brutal and the next day those trained body parts still feel pumped with blood