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Two Day dilemma...

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  • Two Day dilemma...

    Hi Skip,
    a good morning from the sunny Med.
    i just wanted to ask you how basically you would handle your skiploading principles to an athlete competing in two contests back to back on the same weekend?

    on July 5th is the world champs in Italy and next day is the European champs..

    i understand this is yr bread and butter im prying into and that clients pay top dollar for advice like this, i myself have been trying to raise the money to be taken under your wing for sometime but with our current economic crisis sweeping Greece and Cyprus being 3-4 months behind on wages makes my dream fall short.

    i hope i havent overstepped boundaries and a basic answer will suffice..
    thanks again for all your logs and great site...

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    No problem, at all. I understand completely.

    A 2 day show is not much different than nationals, really. You just have to pick which one you are peaking for because you can't plan to peak for both. You might get lucky and peak for both but it is unlikely. You shoot for one at 100% and the other you will usually be 90%.

    You can load for both shows. Ideally, you would not be too flat so that you can load for shorter time frames each time. I don't know your current situation but the plan should be to get dry (control water) and then load the shortest amount of time needed before the show. Most times, something like 6-8 hours should work. If it doesn't you are probably too flat.

    If you load about a week out from the shows, that should allow you to be pretty full and then only deplete some before the shows that last week.

    There is also the option of getting really full with a load about 3-4 days out and then just riding into the first show and then possibly loading only for the 2nd one. The latter situation would be if you don't have to make a weight class.


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      Big KUDOS for your advice Skip,
      i have tried your tried and tested version of loading 3-4 days out last year and it went well all i had to do was return to standard diet and watched the water weight come off predicably as u say if one has been loading every weekend prior to that....
      i compete as Masters which is open weight class so no need to stress about making weight.
      i tried your original shitloading version from the early days in previous yrs but couldnt fill out in the short frame of time ,i.e loading late fri nite,and early morn of the show...still looked good but flat.....