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  • Q: Insuline sensivity

    Im curious.....

    What does it mean when your insuline insensitive? I can take 20ius of Humalin R with 100g is simple carbs PW and a protien/carb meal with in one hour and not have any Hpyo symptoms. I gain weight relatively easy..(muscle as well as fat)
    But also maintain muscel size fairly easily.I also hold retain alot of water.

    Am I insuline sensitive, and does that dictate a different type of precontest or bulking diet for myself as oppsed to another who may be insulin sensitive?

    Skip and I have had some interesting observations with my diet during my last prep. When I lowered my carbs, I lose my water weight. In fact if I go into ketosis I really lose water from my skin. Add carbs back, I retain sub Q water again.

    If anyone has any comment or experience feel free to jump in. Im just trying to figure out what al this means...IT'S GOTTA MEAN SOMETHNG!
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    If insulin levels are elevated this indicates a loss of sensitivity to insulin by the cells. (this is in regards to endogenous insulin, not exogenous)

    The way for one to re establish their insulin sensitivity is to eat low GI carbs with plenty of cardio and excercise.

    Also...Dr. Charles Farr, MD, the "father of intravenous hydrogen peroxide therapy" had tremendous success with diabetic patients when using IV h2o2. Seems as though the H2o2 increases insulin sensitivity and promotes the release of thyroid hormones too....

    Onions, garlic, and the herb bitter melon all seem to have positive effects on blood sugar levels and should help re establish insulin sensitivity...
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