Please help everyone......Just over 3k away from the goal of 10k

This is a friend of mine and he was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer. ANY HELP is appreciated, even $1

Justin Nelson (35) is a husband and father. He is also the son-in-law to our co-worker and friend, Dee Mussatto. He lost his job in August, 2013 and with his wife Tara expecting their second child in November he was desperate to find another job. In late October, 2013 Justin woke up and felt like his head was going to split in half. After visiting his doctor he was diagnosed with high blood pressure. He thought this was due to the stress of losing his job. The medication made him feel worse. On November 26 Justin and his wife Tara welcomed their second child, Sophie, into the world. Then on Friday, December 6 Justin's vision went down to about 15-20% full vision in his right eye so he made an appointment with an eye doctor. The doctor did his exam and found that Justin had pressure from his brain that was causing the loss of vision and headaches. Justin was told to go straight to the ER and get a CAT Scan & MRI because the pressure on his brain could ultimately be life threatening. Justin's tumor biopsy was scheduled for December 18. After the biopsy he needed to be admitted to ICU for 2-3 days to watch for swelling in the brain and possible seizures.

Bills have been piling up. They are unable to make their mortgage payment, school loans, etc. With the added medical costs this family needs as much help and support as possible so they can concentrate on Justin’s medical needs.