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very sore erectors, but only one side?

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  • very sore erectors, but only one side?

    after my wrist injury, i deadlifted monday for the first time in 6 wks. had my standard bloody shin again so ill get sweats, but the subsequent days i was abnormally sore. today i squat, and could not get past my last warmup set since my back could not keep the weight stable or tight.

    culprit is mainly my right erector, from midback to spine. SUPER sore, even when bending over to pick things up, tie shoes, put on socks, etc.

    anyone have experience with this, or know how to fix this or what causes this?

    did foam rolling today, not sure if it helped.

    NOTE: my left erector is perfectly unsore.
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    I would think the cause is a form issue where you're favoring one side more than the other. Usually that's from trying to compensate for a muscular strength imbalance (possibly due to an injury or just how you're built). Or could be just plain bad form. Those are the things that occur to me, anyway.
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      does an over under grip commonly cause postural/muscle imbalances in the back? i start using them for 365 and beyond, with my main set being 4-10 reps overunder