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Lean Bulking as an Endomorph

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  • Lean Bulking as an Endomorph

    Hey guys and girls,
    currently im trying to gain size while keeping the same bodyfatlevel. Im 189cm and weighing around 205lbs with a bf 18-21%. I easy gain fat but have problems to build muscles.

    Im not sure if i should lose a few pounds of fat before start a real bulking or losing some fat while bulking. Or just stay at the same bfp and try to gain weight. What do you guys think, what should i do?

    Since a few days/weeks my diet looks like this:

    high protein - moderate fat - low carbs

    7:30 am - protein/carbs - meal 1
    100-150g oatmeal with milk
    some slices of bread

    10:30 am - protein - meal 2 (first break in school)
    shake with 30-40g whey isolate

    12:30 pm -protein/fat + veggies -meal 3
    turkey, steak or eggs sometimes seitan sausages
    100g nuts (almonds, peatnuts etc)
    pepper, cucumbers, tomatoes or carrots

    15:20 pm - pre workout - meal 4
    fruit juice or smoothie with 5g creatine


    16:45 pm - post workout - meal 5
    shake with 40g whey isolate, 5g creatine
    2 bananas

    18:00 pm - protein + veggie - meal 6
    meat, fish or eggs
    salad, tomatoes & cucumbers

    20:00 pm - protein + veggie - meal 7
    same a meal 6

    23:00 pm- protein/fat - meal 8
    shake with 30g whey isolate, 3 ts oil

    note: meat & fish is always around 200-300g, and if eggs than 3-7, mostly 5

    training 3 times a week, moderate cardio in the morning - 20-30minutes on 2-3 off days, drinking 5-6l water a day
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    My opinion as a tall endo myself: what are your daily macros?

    1. Too much carbs in first meal
    2. Too many meals
    3. Too much fat
    4. Not enough cardio frequency. Try to stay active seven days a week .
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      thank you for youre answer!

      I dont count my macros, except my protein intake. Yesterday i had the pleasure to talk with a national bodybuilder in my gym who used dc for 3 years lol. he told me eating 300g of protein a day and promised me i will gain muscles even when im losing bf at the same time. and when im not gaining weight i should eat 350g protein and see what happen. he also said total calorie intake isnt important. but i read everywhere the opposite?

      p.s. im currently reading all posts by in-human, homonculus, massive-g & dante. it helped me alot but there are still a few questions in case of optimal nutrition.


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        I think in your case you should count your macros to have an idea of where you are at and what you need to change.

        Until you address the comments I made, there is not much useful assistance that you will be able to get from here.
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          Originally posted by LG1 View Post
          I think in your case you should count your macros to have an idea of where you are at and what you need to change.

          Until you address the comments I made, there is not much useful assistance that you will be able to get from here.
          Agree. When you actually count macros it may surprise you. I was shocked at the amount of carbs I was taking in when I actually sat down and figured it all out. Eyeballing it does not allow you to make quality decisions/adjustments.

          Also ditch the bread. Many better quality carb sources out there. Fruit juice is usually very sugary. I think of that more posr than pre workout


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            ok thank you guys, i will try youre advises. do you think i should try to bulk lean or even lose some fat, or dieting down to 12% bf or something like that and bulk


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              Why Are You Bulking At 18% Body Fat?


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                like said above im not sure if i should cut down to a low bfp or try to gain some lean mass or lose some fat while hopefully gaining size


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                  You Should Lose fat


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                    thanks ! *thumbs up*


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                      As another tall endo might be worth me chiming in here as I have trialled various protocols/diets etc over the years.

                      My best success for gaining lean size and cutting is without a doubt around splitting macro nutrients and the timing of them. I will eat either PRO/CARB or PRO/FAT meals. The only carbs that creep into a PRO/FAT meal are minimal and vise versa for PRO/CARB meals with fats.

                      I will only eat carbs as part of my post work out shake (mix of vitargo, dextrose, malto and kids cereal with whey) and the proceeding 2 meals (if on a cut) or 3 meals (if looking to gain).

                      With all that said it is really a case of trial and error to find what works best for you. Not everything you do will work but you can chalk those instances off and forever avoid.

                      Having said all of the above:

                      1. your diet looks laden with fat - far too much fat - I reckon some days you could top over 150g fat with the example you laid out. (for example 100g of nuts will have circa 50g of fat and 450kcals!)
                      2. I dont like your post work out nutrition. I don't like fruit (fructose) as a post work out carb. Your following meal doesn't contain any carbs either. IMO you'd be better dropping carbs somewhere else in the day (ie some of that bread!) and utilising here when you can generate an insulin response.


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                        Originally posted by RobbHensel View Post
                        Why Are You Bulking At 18% Body Fat?
                        Originally posted by RobbHensel View Post
                        You Should Lose fat
               have no clue where you stand as far as muscle is concerned at 18-21% down a bit and when you actually start to SEE your muscle, then come up with a solid plan to start adding more

                        Edit: remember, you are more inclined to continue to store fat at a faster rate when you are at a higher bf %, as opposed to when you are leaner. Insulin resistance is higher at higher bf and you (usually) will have better insulin sensitivity when leaner....this will help you add some size while staying somewhat lean, with a good clean diet
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                          Thank you for youre advices! Im currently cutting since a week. Works pretty good. Lost 5lbs and looking (a bit) leaner.

                          I eat like this:

                          Meal 1:
                          100g Oatmeals with milk, some fruits and a orange juice(need my vitamins )

                          Meal 2:
                          Shake with whey/casein/egg protein powder 40g with water, some oil, veggies

                          Meal 3:
                          chicken, salad + veggies

                          Meal 4:
                          same as Lunch 1, but eating a few nuts(50-100g)

                          2 apples, energy drink

                          40g whey, 40g dextrose, 10g creatin.....maybe add some other carb sources?

                          Meal 5:
                          eggs, meat or fish + veggies

                          Meal 6:
                          sames as above

                          40g casein powder with water

                          I will not make big changes her, because it seems like it works so i will stay with it. Only with my Post-Workout meal im not satisfied. Any suggestions here?


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                            My opinion, your meal one is "off". Same for pre workout. For pwo I like karboload.

                            I think it's silly when a person asks for assistance but at the same time says they are not willing to make changes....
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                              I would swap meal's 1 and 5, eat your nuts with the meal 2 shake, more veggies during the meals before your workout, and backload carbs after the workout. You'll still lose weight and gain strength doing this, but you'll be moderate to low carb from meals 6 through 4.

                              And if you're drinking orange juice for the vitamins you're wasting your money. Same goes for the energy drink... It's just caffeine, b-vits, taurine, and sugar. 200mg caffeine pills and sublingual b-vites get the job done for much cheaper.