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Anyone on CKD ever take ketones as a supp?

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  • Anyone on CKD ever take ketones as a supp?

    Supposedly it may help you get into ketosis and stay there. Ive considered taking something like raspberry ketones before. But i wanted to see what you all thought or experienced. If this is the wrong section please let me know.

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    I'm not read up on Raspberry Ketones, but is there proof they actually work to reduce bodyfat?

    EDIT: real proof, not some Dr. Oz B.S. lol
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      Im not read up on raspberry ketones specifically either. And i doubt it. But i am read up on subjects that were fed ketones of some type and they almost immediately go into ketosis. But iirc that tests was done with rats lol so take from that what you will

      Edit:it doesn't have to be raspberry ketones of course. That was just an example of ketones as a way of supplemental help while on CKD.

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        Patrik Arnold has a supp called keto force, it's supposed to get you into ketosis much quicker. I thought about using it after my refeeds but it was 80$ and just thought it was to expensive to justify. To be fair the site doesn't say how many servings so it could actually be worth it depending on how much you get
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          Right that was exactly my thinking right after refeeds. Well ill certainly look into it. Obviously 80 is pretty pricey but i might get lucky

          So i saw that product you mentioned. But im confused. Are you supposed to drink ALL of the that product as a dosage or smaller increments. Cause that would be a very expensive dose indeed

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