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    There are different ways that 5 x 5's are done and the differences can make or break whether or not it is an effective protocol for the person doing it. Some versions have you do warm-ups, then pick a weight that JUST allows you to get 5 sets of 5 reps with a constant poundage. Others have the first 2-3 sets as warm-ups, thus they could be 135 x 5, 225 x 5 275 x 5, 315 x 5 , 315 x 5 as an example. And I have seen many do 5 sets to pretty much all out failure where they have to drop the poundage to get their sets. And yes, there are a couple other renditions.

    What does a 5 x 5 do for you? If properly applied, (the version you use fits your ability to recover) doing 5 sets gives you LOTS more time under tension, and will be the make or break difference as to whether many people gain strength and size, or just strength when doing low reps. A large percentage of the population can make dramatic increases in the their poundage’s when doing a set or two of low (1-5) reps and get very little size to go along with the strength. At least until there is a LOT more weight on the bar. And while there is nothing wrong with that approach, most people want the size to strength ratio to be a little more consistent along the way. 5 x 5's can do this. One thing you need to keep in mind is that a 5 x 5 routine necessarily has a very limited number of lifts done. You don't do 5 x 5 bench press and 5 x 5 squats on chest and leg days and then follow up with 2-3 other lifts for the same bodypart(s).

    BTW, I think the first rendition is the best way to do this, and even Joe average recovers well enough, and in many cases grows well. As always, the more sets you do, the lower the intensity they must be if you are to recover.

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    I do 5x5 at times using a constant weight after a warmup.

    I do not do this for the whole workout but only on a compound movement where I`m trying to increase strength.

    I think the size would come with increased calories/protein.

    I add 5 pounds a week to the lift if I complete all 5x5 the previous week.

    Been doing this for years and it always works well for a while until I plateau ,then I will go to a 3x3 routine until I stagnate.
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      I used to do it. A good program, but I think anythin under 5 reps is just strength training, and nothing more. I try my hardest to stay above 8 reps going as heavy as possible to failure. I guess you can say I'm a hitter.
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        I'm loving 5x5 so far
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