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Long limbs, tiny joints, heavy weights, and getting old(er)

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  • Long limbs, tiny joints, heavy weights, and getting old(er)

    Here I am, 43 years old, sitting at about 260 on very limited "supps", feeling pretty beat up....

    I am curious to hear from all here, but particularly those who share the traits in the thread title. I'm 6'3" tall, with VERY long arms and legs, genetically I'm supposed to be a tiny guy (other than height), given my tiny ass joints. Have never been crazy strong. My best lifts on the big 3 have been 365/385 bench (can't remember which), a 535 dead which I did when I was about 30, and I THINK a 455 squat.....I squatted 405 on my 40th birthday and went up from there, only to come WAY back down after a year long nagging groin injury.....

    Deads seemed very natural to me, bench and squats not so much....switched to rack deads after coming on here and also after a bad back injury which saw me not training for the better part of 3-4 years....

    I've seen guys much smaller than me move much larger weights, and I've seen guys much bigger than me not move as much weight. Frustrating? Absolutely....

    To the point I guess: I'm at the point in my life where I don't feel that great above 250....also when I'm trying to push hard and heavy my joints feel like they are made of broken glass.....I'm constantly tip toeing around my back injuries, a football neck injury, elbows that KILL me on pulling movements, a very creaky biceps tendon, and have been teetering on the edge of a torn left pec for some time now....the point is, I don't necessarily think that MY body is made for this type of sport, or punishment. I don't think that my frame is cut out for it. I'm not complaining, as I've loved the journey and all that I've learned. I just feel like I took a basketball player's body and tried to force it into becoming a lifter/bb'er....I'm obviously not Phil Heath, so his story is MUCH different, lol.

    Anyone else share a story similar to mine? I feel like I've accomplished much more than I ever thought I would doing this. I feel like my lifts are decent, I've done a show, I've learned a TON, and I've had alot of fun along the way, and made some pretty damn good friends too....I wouldn't change anything, but that's not saying I don't ever think of slowing things down and not worrying about adding's actually been weighing on me a lot lately....just don't know if I still have it in me to continue on the path I've been on for the last 20 or so years....
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    Sup Scott. We do share some physical characteristics I am a few years younger. Still trying to get stronger and more muscular but am prepared to take a different approach when life dictates otherwise lol. If that means lighter weight and higher volume so be it. Including dc training and making sure all exercises are in the 20-30 rp range to preserve joints, ligaments etc.
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      Young tall as well 6 1 very lanky .... Have avoided bench/squats/floor pulls (stuck to bells, hammers, smythe, rack pulls, hacks, leg presses...) for the better part of two years went from 205 to 235 (natural) at heaviest at roughly same bf... Hell yes I hurt lol... Mostly low back pr from deads as they don't feel natural, had elbow tendonitis (although I feel it may be related to bass fishing as I'm an AVID angler)... I feel you on the tiptoeing seems like erytime I started pushing towards increasing my dead/back squat it would seriously fuck up my shit yo... I feel you I don't think we are optimally leveraged for certain things at a taller hieght... But I don't know any better and I refuse to acknowledge that lol so I'm going to keep trying to push the envelope (but I'm still mid 20s I'm sure I'll feel diffrently after some more time passes)... I think sumo deadlifting will help me at least (may help you??? Idk)
      But it was the first time in a long time i didn't hurt like hell pulling from the floor... I feel most tall dudes do got some serious pushing to do due to limb length and such... I guess it's jus inspirational to me to see the strongman (where a 6 1 dude is a "small" guy) and I keep hoping I polish up form and get shit clicking to where I can move on and progress with minimal injury...
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        i do not share any of those traits other than tiny joints (wrist is 6.5) im 5'10 and best lifts are 405 bench, 505x2 dead and 500x1 squat....having said that i think i know where you are coming from.

        i have had back surgery (car accident) and torn a pec (repaired) im also a year older than you --turned 44 in oct. ive pretty much given up bodybuilding completely but oddly enough i competed 4 times this year in powerlifting. i dont feel nearly as beat-up doing PL as i did when i was BB.

        Of course my whole philosophy has not trying to "kill the logbook" and i rarely go to failure on the big 3. in fact i go out of my way to avoid failure. i look at it as counter productive especially in terms of bar speed and force/power production . With trying to hit failure say i hit 225x10 reps..the first 6 might be awesome, the next 2 loose but solid and the last 2 very shaky and grinding=exactly the kinda reps that seem to always get me hurt. Nowadays id rather take that same weight and hit 6x5. All my reps are very tight with slower negatives and explosive positives. Its damn hard work esp the last 2 sets but different than that 1 out out set to failure...

        i also dont pound food either, and am very conservative in most aspects of training. i stretch/foam roll/and do mobility before almost every session

        lastly ive never used AAS so i think my body has never had to deal with "being something it wasnt meant to be"...
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          First time poster!

          I'm 42, 6'6" and 102kg (224lbs.) I certainly know how you feel! Aching joints. Although at the moment, things are a lot better since doing SL 5x5. But weak as water. My lifts have always sucked. Squatted 248lbs for the first time today. DL'd 363lbs for the first time today as well. My bench?... Woeful. Tore the right pec 6 years ago, so the number I lift on that is not even worth mentioning!

          I'm actually working with Skip on his latest experiment. On a gaining plan, but we're finding that as I get heavier (I used to weigh 286lbs 7 years ago), my Atrial Fibrillation starts to become more frequent.

          I do question my goals sometimes. But I love to lift. Even though I might not be predisposed to do it. Long limbs. Short torso. But I figured, screw it. I'm going to enjoy the ride.