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2 Things I want to say..,comon gimme a break -read it...please

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  • 2 Things I want to say..,comon gimme a break -read it...please

    thanks--ok first
    -after struggling with the same weight for 3 weeks--once for only 17 reps and18 and 20 reps--I finally made some progress--heres why --(I think) when I placed the bar on my back yesterday i found a better place--instead of right up against my neck I laid towards the rear of my shoulder blades and felt much srtonger in this position.So i was able to add 10 lbs(whoopie do!)and puke out 20 reps- so now I,m at a big 190!!!!!!(stop laughing)
    this is a new (6 weeks) power rack I got-so I only know a few exercises on it--squat,bench and pullups--what other exwecises are good to do on this??-thanks

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    Yeah just discovered how powerlifters squat my man!!

    Typically powerlifters put the bar lower on the back...get more power this way. You will use some low back muscles in the lift, maybe more glutes too. These are the strongest muscles in the body.

    Some, but not all, bodybuilders do "high bar" squats....when I do high bar squats I feel it alot more in my quads.
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      It will take you a little while to find that comfortable spot to rest the bar on your shoulders. I used to hold it up higher too, but then found it more comfortable lower as well.

      Don't sell yourself short doing 190 lbs for 20 reps. That's still alot of reps.

      I usually do my 20 reps squats at the end of the workout and stick around 225 lbs.


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        I too am with you fellas with the bar situation. Funny how that is.
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          big meaty traps will keep the bar off your neck; i wouldn't know lol
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