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Flush face/hot after I eat while in ketosis

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  • Flush face/hot after I eat while in ketosis

    So the title pretty much says it all. On day 5 if induction and every time I eat about 10 minutes after my face/ears get very hot and flush. Much like a niacin flush. I'm assuming it has to do with my body adjusting. Anyone experience this or know what's goin on. Found a few topics online but no answers. And No I don eat something I was allergic to. Happens every meal

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    It happens to me several times a week as well. I am not in ketosis but a large meal after the gym usually results in TFE flushing me pretty bad. It happens if I have a large meal right before bed as well. I have always thought it was just the feeding effect causing it.
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      In some people that may be the case, in my situation I'm almost certain it has to do with ketosis and insulin after eating. Curious is someone more knowledgable csn tell me what's goon on. I will note my normal fastimg blood sugar is slightly high and am prob slightly insulin resistant


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        I cant tell you whats happening scientifically but I do keto and will experience some warming after my last few meals. Mine isnt specifically in the face in ears, its kind of all over.


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          This happens to me a lot....anytime I eat a lot of carbs or a meal larger than usual. It's actually pretty cool I think. I like the looks I get if I'm out and I'm sweating while I'm eating, while being in decent shape and not obese, lol



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            ^ the carbs happens to me also, but I'm referring to my non carb meals while in ketosis. It's every single meal my face is on fire


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              How big are the meals? I would think that any larger meal would start your body up trying to process it wether carb heavy or not? Could be wrong... I get the hot flushy thing after big meals but it's usually carb load related
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