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  • Conventional deadlifts

    Hi all;
    I keep trying to incorporate floor conventional deadlifts after previously injuring my lower back 6 times .

    Lower back issues I went to PT etc 2 years ago.

    Each time I get close to 300lbs I reinjur my lower back.

    I have purchased supple leopard and follow all the mobility stretches and foam rolling for 2 years now.

    I have reinjured my back 6 times now on the same weight for conventional floor deadlifts

    I have tried trap bar and rack deads with none of these issues.

    Not sure if its because I am in my 30s vs when I was 21 and pulling 405 with zero issues.

    Anyone have similar experience or suggestions?

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    After that many times, I would be gun shy doing them again. That said, how is your form? When you get down in position and ready to pull, is your back rounded? If so, that could be an issue.

    I know I prefer to do conventional, but it doesn't suit my body. i.e. my torso is so long, that no matter what I do or how hard I try, I can not get my back straight. When I do sumo, my form dramatically improves to suit my structure and my back is perfectly straight.

    Have you tried sumo?


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      Yeah, like jsaild2 mentioned, how is your form?

      You mentioned a previous injury. How serious was it? How long was the lay off? Often, we (consciously or unconsciously) tweak our form on certain movements, especially those that our bodies perceive to be injurious, and this movement may not be an ideal one off which to conventional deadlift off.
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        Get a video for us to review.

        Your previous injury may make you vulnerable re-injuryin the future when pulling pulling conventional. However, the fact that your low back can handle stress in other exercises would such as rack pulls makes me think it is a form issue. Anyone can maintain good form warming up and with light weights. It is getting to that high percentage where form breaks down and the potential for injury increases.


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          Quite honestly, conventional floor deads is what fixed my back issues. Not trying to sound like a dick here but injuring your back 6 times might mean you need to stop doing what your doing until you figure out what the problem is. I know you said you went to a PT 2 years ago so what did they say? Why do you feel you have to do conventional deads? If there are other things that you can do that do not aggravate the issue then just stay with those movements. I think the bigger issue here is the fact that you keep going back to the very exercise that hurts you.
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            Thanks everyone .

            I am not a bber or powerlifter just a gym rat always trying to get stronger and gain some size .

            I will try and get a video. So far one powerlifter at my gym critiqued me 2 weeks ago and said I should take slack out of the bar .

            I wear an inzer belt as well .

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