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    With the massive influx of Android/iOS compatible exercise accessories over the past year (I.e. pedometers, motion detectors, fit watches, heart rate monitors, etc.), just wondering if any of you utilize any of this hardware, and what your thoughts on it are if you do.

    I guess, on that note, I am interested to hear about any exercise software/apps that are being used too.

    I utilize JeFit myself, and love how simple yet customizable it is. If they added a few better reporting features it would be darn near unbeatable.
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    I got a hr monitor on my iPhone and tested it against a pulse ox we use in our therapy practice several times and it was close within 1-3 bpm all times... I use it for my cardio
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      Some will disagree with using a third party's app but when training 5/3/1 I use "Big Lifts". It is very simple to use, does calculations for you and tracks progress.