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Damaged Knee - Cardio Alternatives ?

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  • Damaged Knee - Cardio Alternatives ?

    Ok, i am the lucky winner of a knee that has taken too much beating.

    Started off with a deload last friday, as my immunesystem was struggeling fighting influenzas, colds ect. But still keeping cardio in at 5 days / wk as skip adviced me to.

    Last week, i Got a new cardio-bike for the home. I did not fit it correctly, and my left knee started to Hurt when i was driving my car / walking on stairs, and furthermore when i did my 30 mins of morning cardio. I did not listen - and at sunday i went for a 3 mile run, and finished even though my knee said stop. Should never have done that, period !

    Went to the kiropractor at Tuesday - And he said the pain was none critical, but my quard muscels needed to get massaged really hard, to get loose - AUCH !

    Today, im seeing positive progress, but i have a lot of pain when doing cardio on my bike. Googled around for alternative cardio, but nothing seems to go for home use. I did use the seat on the bike like a resting pad for the chest, and used my arms to drive the pedals LOL. Did pushups, ab workout for 30 mins instead. But getting the pulse above 130 was a struggle.

    So boys / Girls. Any ideas of how to implement 30 mins of cardio in an alternative way - Btw. Sex is not possible, as i cant use my legs, lol.


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    Swim, you do not have to do this permanently but just till the knee gets better.
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      Hmm. good idea. But can offcause not be done at home, unless you live in cali and have a pool - denmark is cold as ice.

      Well. Will head down to the lokal swim center in the weekend. My boy will with guarantee enjoy aswell.