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Parillo training manual?

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  • Parillo training manual?

    Anyone have any experience with this? Ive just recently started reading some of parillos stuff online and am considering buying his training manual to add to my library of training books. You dont here him mentioned much anymore but I know Dante has said he used some idea from parillo and I have seen where john meadows says he trained with parillo and has used some of his concepts in the mountain dog programming. Wondering if this manual is any good and worth the purchase. Thanks

    And on a side note does anyone know if Platzs himself ever published any training manuals or anything? There is a manual that uses his name but from what I have read it simply uses his name and is rather useless.
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    back in the 90's i owned the training/nutrition manuals. they came with calipers for body composition testing. moved a few times not sure where they ended up. currently own his book high performance bodybuilding which has most of the info from both the training and nutrition manuals. also bought the the parillo nutition computer program which was great for nutrition tracking. pretty much obsolete with smart phone apps these days. platz was teamed up with leo costa for a while they were selling the big beyond belief manual. i have some vhs training sessions of them from that time along with the big beyond belief, serious growth manuals.


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      I remember when parillo first hit the scene...the guys thst followed his protovols made great gains .very cool ideas. Parillo and DC training are radically different but the diet concepts are very similiar. I know dante credits parillo with a lot of his eating philosophy
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