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1st show in the bag. Post-Show Blues?

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  • 1st show in the bag. Post-Show Blues?

    I've attempted to put my thoughts together coherently but apparently my brain is fried right now. My question is in regards to what the typical process is after a bodybuilding show.

    I competed in the NPC Heartland Classic & had a absolute BLAST. I couldn't have been happier with my placing & the end result(Pics:

    My question lies in what the competitors here typically do post-show. The process I've gone through is as follows:
    1. Elation at the feeling of actually getting on stage & competing.
    2. Relief of having completed something on my bucket list
    3. Analysis of what points I wish to improve on.
    3a. Mainly SIZE. I was a little disappointed in how much I actually had to cut to obtain the conditioning I did.
    3b. Leg size, especially calves.
    4. Struggle between deciding on a training platform.

    I took saturday night/sunday to eat as I pleased & then immediately got back on track with the diet I was using right before the show. My plan is to make sure I can maintain the rigidness of this plan before slowly starting to add calories in. Is this a wise plan? I have a tendency of going balls-to-the-wall on weight gain(I've been as high as 250lbs before, competed at 165).

    I've also bumped cardio back to 2x/week, 30 minutes, LISS or HIIT depending on how I am feeling.

    The plan that I used the year prior the show was 5/3/1. I enjoyed the compound movements tremendously and gained very well on them. I have attempted DC in the past(utilizing the correct methodology outlined here, and on Wojo's DVD) but mentally I fatigue too quickly to pull the maximum benefits out of it(or at least I did a year prior to this).

    So a standard 5/3/1 plan, along with slightly higher volume-accessory work
    Mon: Military Press day along with Shoulders/Biceps/Calves
    Wed: Deadlift Day along with Back/Tri's/Abs
    Thurs: Bench Press Day along with Chest/Hams/Calves
    Sat: Squat Day along with Calves

    Future Plans:
    I definitely intend on competing again. My primary focus is to GROW GROW GROW for a few years before competing again(I'm 25 years old). I know I will never be a huge bodybuilder, but I love one of Dante's quotes on this board:

    You may never be the best bodybuilder in the world, but your goal should be to be the best bodybuilder YOU CAN BE.

    (The quote may not be 100% correct, but the intent is the same)

    So, in review, am I the only one who deals with slight...discontent..after a competition? And if not, how do you deal? What is your thought process?
    2013 NPC Heartland Classic OKC - 1st Men's Lightheavyweight Novice/Overall

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    I competed in my first show about 5-6 years ago...and I distinctly remember, about two or so weeks out, Skip telling me I would miss the prep, getting ready for the show, and everything that goes with it. At first, I thought he was nuts as I was training daily and doing cardio 2x per day...miss that??? And he was right, I did. I have done a lot of things, but I don't think anything compares to getting ready for the stage.

    I submit that discontent is natural, especially after the first prep/show. Take what you learned (good/bad) and address that during your off-season and future prep(s).

    Re: nutrition...It's almost the holidays and you just spent "X" amount of weeks dieting/cardio, etc. This is a time that I always 'relax' a bit, especially with diet. But, that can be tough, especially coming off the "prep high." So, I would take it slow and ease back into, making small adjustments based on the mirror (and, if so inclined, the scale too). This should help address the issue with the disappointment of how much weight had to come off.

    Re: can start with the two days and adjust from there.

    Re: training...if you enjoyed it and gained well off of 5/3/1, I think that is your answer.

    Good luck...

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      Being three weeks out I completely plan on getting back on A clean meal plan the Monday after and continue cardio 3x a week. I have a week then fly home to NY for Thanksgiving so I'll eat clean when possible. When I get back my training frequency will increase as I'll be getting ready for a meet, glutton for punishment. Right now I will not miss the 2x a day cardio, I'll eat my words.if I have to but I promise I won't miss it. I will however weigh my food from here on out. No reason not to.


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        I used to compete in 2-3 shows in a row....often there would be anywhere from 4-10 weeks between the first and last show. After the last show i would get as far away from BB as possible and usually stay out of the gym for a a few weeks. (ive said it before but one year I did 5 shows and afterwards i stayed active, swimming, basketball, kayaking etc but didnt go to the gym for 3 months.
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          I appreciate the responses guys. I have been working through it mentally & think I am on track.

          I just had to get a plan in mind & get the nutrition lined out..think this next two years is gonna be a great growth cycle!

          I would like to take some time off from the gym at some point, but being a personal trainer, its fricking hard. I train people 5am-7pm and after kicking peoples butts all day, I'm ready for a beating mysefl!
          2013 NPC Heartland Classic OKC - 1st Men's Lightheavyweight Novice/Overall