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Lymes disease no joke

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  • Lymes disease no joke

    Long story short the past few years have been tough. Felt sick, tired, losing muscle, gaining fat, and severe joint pains. Being stubborn and an idiot I alwys blamed things going on for the pain. In the back of my head I always thought something might be wrong. Would diet like crazy and no weight loss etc. . Just recently I told my Dr. and he did a bunch of testing and among other things decided to test for lymes , which came back posative. Ontop of that blood glucose was high, BUN was high, hemoglobin a1c high, low test(270) , thyroid out of whack , lymph high, creatinine high,LDL high , specific gravity high and a host of other things. He immediately put me on very aggressive anti bionics for 3 weeks. WOW, it's only been a week since off but I feel 100000x better. It's amazing I feel reborn. It was at the point I was coming to grips with being sick my entire life, I just figured some people feel like shit for whatever reason. Now I'm hoping over the next few weeks/months all my bloodwork comes back to normal and I fully recover. It seems some people even though lymes is out of their system after coming off anti biotics symptoms return. Since I responsed so well my dr thinks I should fully recover so well see. Seeeimg an Endo tomorrow and gonna keep ontop of my hormones so well see. Lesson learned if you think something is wrong GET IT CHECKED. part of the reason was I didn't have insursnce at the time but it would have been well worth the couple hundred dollars for visit and tests. I estimate I've had lymes for 3+ years. This misktske could come back to haunt me but so far so good. Like i said in the back of my head I knew something was going on. Just a heads up guys, we know our bodies, if u think something is up don't waste time, get it checked
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    Wow. Glad to hear you got it checked and are feeling better.
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      Thanks, the more I look back the more I'm seeing it affected every part of me. I had an appt with an orthopedic surgeon for my knee. It was so bad some days I couldn't even walk. 2 weeks after treatment knee is just about fully healed. Been dieting on 2k cals and coudn't get below 198, and I hadn't lost much weight to begin with so Should have been dropping weight like crazy. 2 weeks after treatment I'm down 10lbs and realizing I need to up my cals because my body is now functioning properly. Can't wait to re dedicate myself but this time actually see results