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your experience with GDA's?

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  • your experience with GDA's?

    What are everyone's experiences with GDA's? Are they a safe and productive alternative to altering insulin in more direct exogenous ways?

    My fear is that they are something that may look good on paper but not provide the same benefit in real world application.

    I am also starting to believe I am mildly insulin resistant (previously I used the term, "carb sensitive" but in further reading feel calling it an insulin issue is more appropriate.). As such, perhaps if these supplements are showing real world application I could see some benefit.

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    There are quite a few people on this board that advocate the use of GDAs. I believe Scott is one of them, I can't find anything to quote him on it though. I use them every time I skipload. Try the one from truenutrition, I recommend giving it a shot. I don't see any risk in it as it's cheap too. Especially if you only use it for your cheats/loads.


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      I used them for about 4-6 months and I saw no noticeable effects.

      Here is a thread I started prior to using them. I feel like if Scott and John say its good then it is but I can't quantify any results I saw while using them.
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