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  • my bulking diet

    16oz egg whites+2 packs instant oatmeal - 570 cals 58p/76c/4f

    8oz cooked meat(mostly chicken)+2 cups long grain and wild rice - 626 cals 62p/78c/7f(with chicken)

    Pre/intra/post shakes -MG's powdered muscle - ea 20p/44c/0f - doing one shake 30-45 pre, one during, and one about an hour post. 840 cals - 60p/132c/0f

    8oz cooked meat+canned sweet potatoes - 621 cals - 54p/90c/3f(with chicken)

    Dinner with family always 8oz meat + carbs - carbs are typically sweet pot, mashed pot, pasta noodles, or mac & cheese - normally about 800 cals 70p/75c/20f

    2 scoops casein in 12oz whole milk+6 tbsp peanut butter - 1084 cals - 84p/39c/68f

    Been following this diet for about a month now and am slowly adding weight. Strength seems to be climbing as well so hoping that at least some of it is muscle gain. On the days where i throw in red meat or pork for my meat i will normally back off of the peanut butter to offset the fat cals. I do this on my 4 lifting days and on my non lifting days i cut carbs back to around 250g for the day. Any thoughts or anything you would suggest to change?
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