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Sore elbows for a year

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  • Sore elbows for a year

    Hi all;
    Sore elbows; occurs when I fully extend and its on the outside of the elbow.

    Been a year and they don't get better or worse.

    I have been icing and using elbow sleeves with no luck.
    Been going to a chiro for months (laser / stim/ rock tape). Chiro said its the tricep that is causing it.

    Any advice?

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    I have the same elbow issue. I tried everything and ended up with a very strong compromise that has worked for me. Limited movement and never going to lockout.
    I felt like I was missing SO MUCH by not going to lockout....but, try this. Whatever excercise you're doing go superlight and see where the excercise actually peaks and the remaining movement is just joint stress (on the elbow in this case). tri-cep pushdowns I found I could stop just short of that pain area in the elbow and squeeze those tri's and get a good strong final move to end a set with a pump.
    On pulls like rows and chins, stop before full extension, flex/tense/burn and see how the end of a set feels.
    I actually get more out of a set this way because I use heavier weight not fretting about joint pain every rep.
    I guess they're partials in a way but I do go beyond right to before that pain point.
    Good luck, I was never able to go full extension after that painstarted but seemed to have gained a new level.


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      Kwan Loong Oil and neoprene elbow sleeves during workouts, ART body work and TN's Joint Support outside the gym. I know A LOT of people who have had chronic joint/soft tissue issues from various parts of the body that have been helped greatly by one or all of those things.
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        If you spend a lot of time at the computer that will cause an issue with your elbows if your not very careful with your posture/setup.

        Other than that make sure your taking cruises for a few weeks out of the year and not blasting every single week. Good luck!


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          Thanks all. I take in a joint supp and cissus year round.

          In will try to keep my posture good as well.

          Anyone have experience with these bands?


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            I haven't tried those floss bands, but I have tried some other stuff from kelly Starrett (guy in that video) for my hips and it has seemed to help. Kelly has some interesting ideas, for motion/mobility. Couldn't hurt trying some of of them, like flossing with the band, 'smashing'and 'flossing' with a foamroller/pvc etc. And when i say it couldn't hurt I mean your training, most likely gonna hurt while doing the mobs.


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              What triceps exercises do you do? I found that when I did skull crushers my elbows really started hurting. Stopped doing them, and elbows are fine.


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                Check out videos by Donny Thompson. Also check out:


                I had (and still do slightly) some distal bicep tendonitis a while ago and i found that this method helps immensely.
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                  I've used the floss bands and have had success with them. Elbows flare up pretty bad from time to time, then do a few bouts with the floss bands using the video Kelly starret has on YouTube and they're good to go.
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                    Most of your pains and aches will be caused by tight muscles. Lifting weights without stretching properly will shorten your muscle so to speak. This will eventually pull at the connection point and cause tendinitis. Tight quads can often lead to patellar tendinitis, tight biceps to elbow tendinitis etc etc. Spend more time lengthening the muscle and you'll relieve a lot of aches and pains.