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Help me run a 6 minute mile within a month - possible?

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  • Help me run a 6 minute mile within a month - possible?

    Hi everyone hope you can help me with this:

    I got myself into some hot water with a group of people telling me that it was not possible for me to run a 6 minute mile after training for one month. I think that I can do it and would appreciate your thoughts and possibly a training schedule.

    My weight is 185lb 6 feet tall. I have been lifting using a 2 way split on and off for years. Have not been running for years and never did like it much. Most recently, to try and gauge my speed I have been running half-miles and the pace that I am at now is a 3:30 half-mile. Towards the end of the run I start to get tired, it is my cardio giving out since I am not used to working out at this high of a heart rate. My plan was to get up to a 3 minute half mile then try to run farther and farther til the 1 mile goal.

    What do you all think - is it possible to train and get this done in 1 month? What would the training look like?

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    I'm not a runner by any means, but I would be training running the mile instead of the half mile. This is due to most people's second half not being as quick as the first, and also that running the entire mile will teach you to pace yourself energy expenditure wise.

    My one buddy who is a hell of a runner, both distance and sprints, does not run everyday. He does a lot of HIIT type cardio workouts for 10-15 minutes going as hard as he can until he can do no more. This raises his VO2 max and gets his endurance up. When he does go to distance style running, he finds he can push himself harder for longer, than when he did do distance training alone.

    I'd probably do a HIIT cardio circuit to exhaustion one day, next day off, distance running the following day, then another day off. And repeat the circuit. You will definitely need some rest in there, just like when we weight train!


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      What kind of support do you plan on using when doing this? That is going to be a factor. Training is the number one factor but if you have energy support I see no reason you can't nail this. My suggestion is to start running a mile a few times a day and try to keep at a steady pace without slowing down. And then you start increasing the intensity with hopes to hit 6 minutes.


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        It is not possible to run a 6 minute mile with one month of training.



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          Originally posted by FRANK_KOVACIC View Post
          It is not possible to run a 6 minute mile with one month of training.


          Yes, it is possible to run a 6 minute mile after one month of training. I used to run distance/mid distance track for college. No, i am not in that shape anymore as i have shifted gears and have been lifting heavy for a good couple of years but if i stopped that now and trained for one month i could run a 6 minute mile easily. Now could most do it, probably not but it can be done by some. For the OP it might be difficult but it is possibly as he does not sound like he is hugely overweight and has done some minor running the past.

          Run 5 days a week. for three of those days run at least 2 miles at a slow pace. The other two days do some high intensity shorter runs (4x400M sprints as an example).
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            I recently experienced a somewhat similar challenge, though in my case it was a matter of distance rather than speed. I'd signed up for a 10K mud run but, like a complete moron, never got around to taking my first training run until about a month prior. I used to run a fair amount and I'd been doing a ton of HIIT cardio at the gym so I figured I'd still be able to run 3-5 miles without too much effort. So, needless to say, I was pretty shocked to find out I could barely make it a mile on that first training run and really started to freak out when it sunk in that I only had five weeks to extend that mile by a factor of six for the race I was signed up for. Long story shorter, I did it but it wasn't exactly a picnic. My biggest take away from the experience was probably that, contrary to what a lot of people told me, there really is no substitute for actually running to prepare your body for running. For me at least, the HIIT cardio (w/ kettlebells, box jumps, Stairmaster, etc.) that I'd been doing in the gym didn't seem to translate at all to getting outside and pounding the pavement. Since, in my case, it was a matter of extending distances, I basically just mentally forced myself to go an additional mile by the end of each week, no matter what. I'd probably just attempt to apply the same principle in your case if I were you (i.e. If I were running an 8 minute mile to begin with, just mentally make myself do it in 7:30, or whatever predetermined interval, by the end of the first week, etc.) When you start off each week with the mindset, "I'm either going to run that mile in X minutes by the end of this week or drop dead trying", you'll probably be surprised what you're able to pull off. Best of luck!
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