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    hi Im new to the forum after reading up on skips shit loading ( which now believes he advocates skip loading ) . Just after some pointers as I want to use shit loading to fill out for a photo shoot Ive got in two weeks time.

    Alittle bit about myself , been dieting for 16 weeks on 300g protein / 200g carbs / 30g fats Monday to Saturday with a junk load/ cheat day sunday

    current stat
    between 200-215lbs (depending how depleted/loaded I am)
    5-6% bf

    I plan to carb deplete Monday to Wednesday on 50g carbs pd and highish protein. And then have a mild carb up Thursday 300g carbs and then 250g Friday. I Then plan to shit load Friday night after cutting what at 5pm and possibley Saturday morning depending on what I look like.

    questions -

    1- should I start adding salt to all my meals in the week prior to my carb deplete/load and when should I stop if at all?

    2- when should I up my water intake? week prior to carb deplete/load? and at what point should I cut it? I was planning to stop all water at 5pm Friday before my shit load begins

    3 -when I carb deplete should I continue higher salt intake and should I incoparate higher fat intake such as natural peanut butter?

    4- should I incorporate a diuretic such a dyazide before my shit load begins and after water is cut?

    5- what foods should I load on for the shit load? should they be high in salt , fat and high gi carbs sources? im thinking pizza, hamburgers, icecream, muffins cookies etc

    cheers arnold