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Help on Squat Form (vids)

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  • Help on Squat Form (vids)

    Hey all,

    I recently got back into lifting after a close to 2 years hiatus. I am working up to my old weights slowly and while I'm at it, I've been trying to improve my form. The lift I have the most trouble with is squats and this forum has been of extreme help to me in the past.

    In particular, I would like an critiques/ my depth (is it deep enough for a fed like USAPL)?
    As a beginner, I've had a hard time judging for myself as I have pretty large legs for a 170lb'er. I'd very much appreciate it if more experienced eyes/brains took a look.

    Also, any other critiques that may help improve my squat the next time I step under the bar would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, as always!

    315x3 (


    Squat 285x9 (

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    Could only see your first video. Depth looks good.

    I prefer to hold the bar a bit wider and keep my elbows more facing downwards.

    Besides that you and I Squat in a similar fashion. I have relatively long femurs and a short torso so I need to Squat deep to go below parallel then when I come back up my hips go up faster than my upper body and I sometimes finish the lift like a good morning'ish type squat.

    I've found that keeping the bar higher helps for people with my proportions besides that there's not much you can do, that's how your built.

    If you're like me you're probably a better Deadlifter then a Squatter.
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