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Question for Scott about inverted leg press

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  • Question for Scott about inverted leg press

    Others free to chime in.

    Due to work shift patterns and gyms that are sadly to far to regularly travel to I'm doing all my training in my Garage and have a pretty good set up.

    My problem is my knees are a bit shitty, Grindy clicky and some pain below the left patella I think.

    I've done big beyond belief and Titan as stated before and feel as a natty body parts several times per week work well for me if volume is kept down.

    I'm currently using Bulgarian split squat and then trap deads for quad work but was wondering how you find the inverted leg press, I think you use a smith or iron master ??

    I've been looking and think I can use my Swiss bar with wide square platform as a footplate and then wedge the bar against the back uprights of the power rack and do a sort of drag press.

    I have an old bench pad to lay on. Should my legs be straight under the weight at 90 degree or do you still like to press away a little.

    I'm trying new or different approaches to see if my legs respond without further knee aggro

    Thank you

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    Hey Bud,

    Well, I'm certainly not going to advocate doing free weight inverted squat (not really a leg press if you're using a free bar, as I think you're describing above).

    To get at your question, though, the more tucked up under the load you are, the more glute ham (and even low back) activation you'll get, at least when starting out with the exercise (if you're not able to focus the loading on the quad). . There will be a tendency when using a regular inverted leg press to want to press the machine away from you as you near failure (and are trying to get the quads to be the weak link).

    AND - the more angled a machine is (You'll see this on one of the cheaply available home units which do NOT have good reviews) the more quad activation. This is also achieved on the commercial units by having a small angle in the foot plate (i.e., the foot plate isn't parallel with the floor, but angled to allow for some plantar flexion to match body position so you're not directly tucked way up under the weight... and thus get more quad activation.)

    I do inverted leg presses on a smith machine all the time, but really wouldn't suggest trying to do a drag press like that, because 1.) I'm covering my ass and 2.) if your rack isn't firmly weighted done, you can end up pushing the whole thing over, I would imagine. I've been doing 600+lb vert. leg presses on my Ironmaster and had the end of the machine come up off the floor b/c I was really trying to hit the quads and thus was pushing away from my body (inferiorly when lying supine; horizontal vector pushing the machine). That was with that weight loaded on the bar and holding the machine down, plus a few hundred pounds still loaded on the storage posts and not a great angle for pressing the machine sideways. (Speaks to the quality of the Ironmaster, though, as I'd not notice any friction even with that sideways vector...)

    I would imagine a medium-duty power rack (light in weight) without plate storage, not nailed to the floor, could flip over like a tiddly-wink, no problem. (Not pretty... )

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    The Book Has Arrived!

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      Thanks for your reply. It's a pretty bomb proof 3x3 rack that's the equiv of an elitefts but I understand what your saying.

      I might look at loaded prowler for extra knee friendly leg work


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        Originally posted by bigv View Post
        Thanks for your reply. It's a pretty bomb proof 3x3 rack that's the equiv of an elitefts but I understand what your saying.

        I might look at loaded prowler for extra knee friendly leg work
        I don't know if you're doing DC or not, but can a prowler be used as an effective DC exercise?