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    I was in the gym yesterday and was having a conversation (after lifting was over) about my routine and the insertion of olympic movements over the last several months. That led to a discussion on injuries and other things. We got on the topic of the IT Band, TFL, Psoas and all the things that can compound when one of those gets irritated. The guy I was talking to asked me if I have ever had a therapist look at my IT Band to see if it runs along the outside of my quad or though the center of it. I had never heard that it could run through the center of the quad set. I can't find that it is even a possibility after doing several internet searches. Is there any truth to that?
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    never heard of it. i wouldnt really think it would make any sort of real world difference anyways
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      Never heard of that but have heard of other anatomical abnormalities like the sciatic nerve running through the piriformis.

      The thing I wonder is if all the people rolling out their IT bands would be better off spending that time stretching the muscles at the hip instead. It seems like fascia would be much harder to lengthen than muscles. I also wonder if the the IT band truly gets tight or if it is really the proximal muscles that tighten.