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  • your chest - waist drop

    curious what people are at. might as well post bodyweight and waist measurements and height for more stats

    im 5'9 173 42.5-32.5 drop for 10inch, still can drop a few on the waist.

    what got me curious was seeing steve reeves and frank zanes 20-24inch drops. WTF? :sammich:

    also, it seems the chest measurement is inflated by lats. do people spread during the measurements to get to 54inch??

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    I'm fat at present but 5'9, 250 and 50-38. Chest/back is no pump, haven't worked out properly in a month due to shoulder injury. Waist measurement is post dinner and biggest time of the day.

    Still fat.
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      Just went from a 56-42 to 50/52-36 and SHOULD be able to get to a 50-32 eventually. Its weird cause I now believe my waist/hips are a lot narrower than I thought they were. Lol
      A better measurement would be shoulder width cause I've known some barrel chested guys that weren't really WIDE but had big measurements.
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        how does one properly measure shoulder width? flexed relaxed spread shoulder blades measured around delts?


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          You could do shoulder circumference but darden or jones used to do width by using what basically was a large ruler with a slide on it...kinda like the things they measure shoe size with if ya can picture what I'm saying. But even shoulder circumference would be a better judge of width and "V" taper than chest measurement. Imo

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            5'10, 190lb, 44 / 32-34 - for 10-12 inch taper (un flexed).


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              Recently went to get fitted for a suit - measured 47in chest and 33in waist at 6'0" and 214lbs. Needless to say, they had to do a lot of alterations.

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                Currently off season @230lbs waist is 34 not sure of ch[est but last time I measured it was at 49 a few months ago. When I competed last year at 178waist was 27" in 2012.

                Current pic from back.
                EDIT: Check avatar
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                  pics donut work


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                    52" chest down to a 32" waist