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the best dbell bicep exercises for mass

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  • the best dbell bicep exercises for mass

    Like it says - what do you guys consider the best dumbell exercises for mass.

    As barbells are out permanently due to lack of rotation in my forearms and for the mo ez bar is out while my right wrist sorts itself out after its recent break

    Im currently going with standing alts, seated incline, and arnold style concentrations, with hammers to finish.

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    I like the standing alternating DB curls the most for mass....
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      I am a fan of seated incline. Zottman style rotational.
      I can do damn near as much as standing but I get a prestretch and cheating is limited to when you WANT to do it, not as incidental.
      When I am toast, I'll 'throw them up' then fight them down.
      I'll always use this as my finisher after warming up with standing EZ curls.
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        I read about EMG testing and they recommended doing preacher dumbell curls for the most muscle recruitment. So I do them. But I think really who knows? Some guys do sloppy barbell curls and have huge arms while others really on very strict spider curls.
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          Alternate DB Curls on incline bench if I am focusing on bicep mass. However, for general mass, barbell curls are great.

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            seated alternate curls w/rotation.
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              I think my typos suck.
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                I love the incline dumbell curls and "drags"- (drag a barbell up your torso to the chest- slow and controlled.....)
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