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Tricep extensions and tendonitis

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  • Tricep extensions and tendonitis

    Since around 2004-05 I haven't been able to any sort of moderate to heavy tricep extension due to tendonitis flaring up immediately in my elbows. Any sort of heavy pressing such as all bench variations, shoulder pressing etc doesn't aggravate it, weighted dips are real hit and miss. I can do light cable pushdowns/overhead extensions, but have to keep the reps around 15-20 and not even close to failure. Any other type of extension such as skull crushers or overhead extensions with DB or bar are completely out of the equation right now.

    I was wondering if anyone here has the same issues, where basically all tricep extension movements are no longer possible? Is there anything I can look into adjustment/massage wise that may be out of whack causing this? Last Saturday I tried some JM presses, did 3 sets of 8 with a weight that really didn't seem too hard, elbows felt like they were going to explode but thought maybe something would be magically different this time lol, and the tendon in the elbow is still sore to touch. Triceps never became sore, I don't think they were stressed enough. Just curious if there was anything I could look into to possibly remedy this. Have tried cissus and it wasn't enough.

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    Don't have much experience with this issue but something you may want to try so you can still train triceps:

    instead of going straight to barbell/dumbbell extension movements, try this:

    first do 4 sets of 12-15 reps triceps pushdowns with a rope attachment. Go all the way down and at the bottom push outward with the rope to get a hard contraction. Hold the peak contraction for 1 second before going to the next rep, and use a 2-3 second negative. Rest 30 - 60 seconds between sets.

    By this point you'll have some blood in the elbows and a nice pump going in your lateral and long heads especially if you focus on that contraction by pushing your hands out.

    Ok Now go to a dipping/pressing movement. If regular dips aren't working, try bench dips (the grip may be easier on the elbows). Your triceps will be fatigued and you won't be able to use as much weight but this is what we want. You're gonna really feel it in the tris and it will spare your elbows. Do 3-4 sets of 6-12 reps with 60 sec rest in between

    Ok now your tris are gonna be in pump city. Now its time to hit the overhead/stretching type extension movements. You're gonna be so pumped and fatigued that you are gonna have to use much less weight than you normally use, this is GOOD because once again its gonna keep tension on the tris and spare the elbows. Finish your tris off with some type of extension movement, 3 sets of 6-12 reps with 60 seconds rest

    If you follow this pre-exhaust type of technique I think you'll really be able to stimulate the tris but you'll be warming up the elbows much better and you'll be forced to use less weight. Its gonna force you to keep tension on the muscles and hopefully off the joints

    Try this out! BTW I didn't come up with this scheme I am expounding on principles I have read in John meadows articles.


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      I can barely do 30 lb. double-handed overhead extensions without pain. I say screw it, just go crazy on the exercises that don't cause pain.
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        tore my tricep doing dumbell extensions about 10 yrs ago didnt need surgery but steill bothers me- i never do them so to say to failure took a few yrs to be able to do them at all
        If your not ripping a tendon your not working the muscle to its fullest capacity!

        I just kinda feel if the weight wasn't so heavy, I could lift it:
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          Thanks guys, I appreciate the input! Thanks for the pre-exhaust routine bmp, I will give that a run and see how things go. Sticking with heavy pressing as usual.