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Great Calf training trick

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  • Great Calf training trick

    A while ago I ordered a bunch of bands from Rogue Fitness, been experimenting with them ever since (great tool for chest and shoulder training btw).

    Few weeks ago I tossed them on a seated calf machine and I noticed two things: One I could actually feel my calves being trained, two I couldn't walk out of the gym afterwards.

    Yesterday I repeated the experiment, exact same results, and a bit more since I took my sets to absolute failure.

    The pump I get out of these are absolutely amazing, and the feel of each reps alone feels, well, "Improved" would be the word I'm looking for.

    So that's my gift for all of you looking to add something to your calf training arsenal
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    Very good idea. I like to use bands in all of my training but have never thought to include calf training. Will definitely be trying it out.


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      Better calf training idea: Be morbidly obese and walk around.
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        Pics of calves or it didn't happen
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          Not to turn this into a calf training thread as I think the bands are a very good idea, but I am doing smith machine calf raises from the ground everyday I train followed by tibia raises, just one set to failure. It seems to be working pretty good after trying everything else, I still look like I am riding a chicken around all day but at least it is a chicken that trains his calves.


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            i concur with sammich. Or design a complicated Hit on Fankhouser and have his legs as a transplant?


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              Originally posted by nexa View Post
              Pics of calves or it didn't happen
              SHAZAAM!!! and what Sammich said!!!
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                I gotta start thinking of where else I can add bands and chains for a couple weeks. Triceps and Biceps for sure. Loved banded leg press, need to try hacks too which I can do calves on too.


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                  Good idea!
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