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high hamstring / glute / groin tear rehab suggestions

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  • high hamstring / glute / groin tear rehab suggestions

    hi everyone, I have not posted here in a while! training has been going excellent and have been experiencing nothing but PR's and good luck, until recently.

    I have been working a desk job the past few months sitting down 8 hours a day. My psoas / hamstrings have been getting super tight and I have been doing my best with foam roller / bands / lacross balls to loosen them up pre workout.

    about two months ago I tweaked / mildly tore (self diagnosed) my high hamstring / glute tie in. very mild bruising nothing too serious. a light limp and I have been training around it. it is almost near my groin area but more towards my posterior chain than my anterior chain. I missed zero training days and it was 100% in a week.

    the next week same thing happened to my left one.

    a week later, right one goes again.

    something is happening that I am not accounting for and I simply can't figure out how to release / stretch the area.

    In my warm up I dynamically take my self through this position:

    over the weeks leading up to the tweak, I felt the area getting tighter and tighter, performance getting worse and worse in that stretch, and eventually feeling like if I even did this stretch something was going to snap. I don't even statically hold it, I just bounce in and out of it.

    I am confused because I can max out my back squat with zero pain, but I can't do stiff leg deads or good mornings.

    I can stretch my hamstring like this:

    but I can't stretch my hamstring like this:

    if i use my fingers or a lacross ball to dig the area, it is way too tender and feels like it is just making it worse.

    has anyone had this issue? how did they fix it? My plan right now is zero training until I can do this again:

    any advice would be greatly appreciated.