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    I want to get certified in personal training, so that I can work part time when I go back to school in January. I was doing some research, but there are so many certifications and I'm not sure what reputable gyms look for nowadays.

    Couple things I am looking for...
    1) I don't want a shitty one that you can get in two weeks, I am willing to put time and effort in.
    2) I am willing to spend around $500 and have about 3 months time
    3) I want a respectable certification so I will get hired at a gym

    I'm asking here because I trust this board...any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Everyone has different opinions..I've been certified with ISSA for 6 years now (if you go with them let me know, I've got a referral code). I've done personal training at 2 local gyms (anytime fitness, and a family owned place), and have owned my own studio for the last 2.5 years. I think ISSA is a very respectable certification.

    ACE is another, as well as NASM. I choose ISSA because they focus heavily on practical usage as opposed to formulas you likely never use.

    Holler at me if you have any questions.

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      I just recently passed my exam through ISSA. I' now working towards a AS in Exercise Science also through ISSA. The information provided by ISSA was very informative and the staff was very helpful.

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        edit: I am reading that many chain gyms do not accept ISSA certs and prefer NCSA, ACE, and NASM instead... I will have to do some thorough research before making my decision
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          Why try to guess, when you are focused now on a specific job market and limited number of gyms (probably only 2-3 specific businesses)?...

          I would call the gyms you may end up working at / for and ask what they would prefer and/or require.

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            What Homon said. Call around and find out what certs the gyms prefer.

            As a side note... I was a trainer and training director at a big gym for almost 8 years. I always wanted to set expectations for the newby trainers coming in as sometimes there is a misconception that personal training is easy and profitable. I witnessed many people shell out $500+ on a cert but were not willing to put in the time or effort to build a big enough business to generate any money.

            I loved personal training and miss it everyday so I just want to make sure that anyone considering it is well prepared so they do not have a bad experience.