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Coming off surgery…what do I do?

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  • Coming off surgery…what do I do?

    This past Monday I had surgery (ear canal) and the doctor wants me to stay out of the gym for three weeks. For those of you that have had to take an extended break for injuries or other reasons, what did you do?

    The main things I know I need to do are rest and recover. I also feel as though I could focus on my diet. I’m thinking around 225 g of protein (current body weight is 225), 75 g of carbs, and 50 g of fat, plus veggies. This would put me around 1700-1800 calories a day. I would split it up over 4whole meals and one shake. I’m hoping to maintain as much muscle as I can and drop some fat during this time.

    I would appreciate any thoughts or recommendations. Third day in and I'm already climbing the walls.


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    Take some nice casual walks around the neighborhood. Go do putt-putt golf, anything that is fun and keeps you moderately active.
    Other than that, just enjoy the time off and plan to tear it up when you get back in.
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      The biggest thing is recovering from the surgery, obviously. If you do something to jack up that, you'll just be out for longer. Like KidRok said, walks, putt putt, anything to keep doing something. When I was out with my surgery, my dogs lost a ton of weight due to all the walks we took.
      …Time is so precious….and you need to ask yourself, what are you going to do today but more importantly, you need to ask yourself – how are you going to do it?


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        Just do housework but faster and more often. I remember my dad would NEVER do cardio for a contest but just do housework and let the diet do its thing; wash the cars twice a week, vacuum the house twice a week, yardwork, etc.
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          Thanks guys. It just sucks going from training hard to putting the brakes on and not being allowed to do a thing. Got my follow up Tues. Hoping to get cardio back.