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Best programme for size based around a home gym

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  • Best programme for size based around a home gym

    Hi guys I now have a home set up and would be interested in hearing your opinions on the best programme to use with limited equipment, when increased size is the goal.

    My gym currently has:
    Power cage with high/low cable attachment and chin/pull up bar
    Dip attachment for power cage
    Olympic bar - 7ft
    Olympic bar - 5ft
    Ez curl bar
    210kg of Olympic plates
    Flat/incline/decline bench
    Olympic dumbell bars
    Lat pull down bar attachment
    Rope cable attachment
    Close grip cable attachment
    Ankle cable attachment - can do leg ext/ leg curls
    Gymnast rings
    Exercise bike

    Any opinions are welcomed, thanks guys.

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    I don't lift DC but have taken some elements of DC and would provide an opinion but your thread is in the DOGG POUND. I gather your thread isn't strictly for DC, if this is the case please state this again and I will say what I found has worked for me in my home gym.
    Because it is in the DOGG POUND I don't want to step on any toes as I am not DC qualified n any way.
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        That programme where you pick a handful of basic lifts and try and progress over time is usually a good one.
        PM me to discuss website/video/dvd etc. related work.


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          Apologies for putting this in the wrong section.

          No I don't intend on training DC.


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            Lifteeights - very good link. Thanks!