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Shirt I made for a childrens charity.......

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  • Shirt I made for a childrens charity.......

    I made this shirt for Relentless Detroit - a powerlifting charity run by TommyW who used to post here quite a lot. RD raise money for kids with terminal illness' like cancer and such. Personally, I've been donating work to them for over a year. I did their logo for last years event, various flyers videos and that kind of stuff.

    This shirt is dedicated to Austin, who last years Relentless Detroid was put together to raise money for. He was a little boy who unfortunately lost his battle to cancer recently.

    I know the shirt isn't cheap, but I think it's a cool/wearable design for training in, the quality is extremely high and well fitting (American Apparal) and obviously it's for a great cause. All profits go to helping these kids make their last days on earth as pleasant as possible. Thanks for reading.
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    Thumbs up!
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      Awesome shirts


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        Thanks guys. Sales are always low for this kind of charity stuff, so please give if you can.

        Brandon Lilly will be competing in this meet in November, so he will be wearing one of these shirts then.
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          Your designs are always very classy. The web site stuff is world class, the shirts look great......but your Panda Avi scares me a little

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            Haha, love those ads.

            I am not as good as you said, but please buy a shirt to help kids with cancer anywaty.
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              Bump... the lovely Nexa, SKIP and the mighty KidRok have committed to buying shirts, so hopefully some more IMers will now.

              (also just to clarify, I'm only calling Nexa lovely in the above sentence, not Skip too.)
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                Fresh for '13 you suckas (that was a KRS-One reference)

                I like 'em!


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                  I'll rock it in October. Can't promise any squat records though lol
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