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  • Pacific Rim

    Yesterday I took my 6-year-old boy to the movies to watch "Pacific Rim". I thought that it was a movie for small kids, since it has huge robots and dinosaurs in it, and he's a big fan of both!

    Ofcourse we were both excited, and when the action started (which is almost right at the beginning), my son leaped into my lap and fastened himself to me by crossing my arms around him like the seat belt of a car.

    And when this epic music started thundering through the speakers, we were literally blown out of our seats!

    Well, we kinda ran away before the end of the movie, so we have no clue how it ended

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    I'm cautious with anything PG 13. They edit a few things here and there from something with an R rating to get a PG 13. I remember years ago when I saw Spawn in the theater I couldn't believe kids were there. It was a very questionable PG 13.

    Plus the theater is just scarier than watching at home. :-)


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      Looks like it's pretty good. The commercials remind me of a modern day Godzilla movie.
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