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  • body acne

    anyone know how to control this or what causes it? i get consistent little acne issues but over time it becomes annoying.

    mostly shoulders and upper back.

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    Yes. Vitamin b5. Skip has a protocol that worked amazing for my brother whose back was loaded with it.

    Start out at 1g 3 times a day...

    You'll have to ask skip for the test as I forget.


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      i actually have a few hundred tablets of B5! will get back on that stuff.


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        To be honest my brother had the worst back acne, and he used b5 and it cleared up.. I was amazed.

        Originally posted by drcrappants
        i actually have a few hundred tablets of B5! will get back on that stuff.


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          antibacterial soap and showering more than once a day helps me. i tend to have very oily skin. tried the b5 thing and never noticed anything. multiple showers is the only thing that works for me
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            getting a lot of sun helps me


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              Cause: changing levels of sex hormones
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                When I get into low humidity environments for any extended period of time my back breaks out bad. Where I'm at now though, westside Washington state, the average humidity is around 40% which keeps my back completely cleared up. (I have to use a humidifier in other areas of the world, especially during the winter.)

                If that doesn't work, visit That's what I use to keep my face 100% clear, they have a body acne treatment method as well. Benzol peroxide 2.5% is the best thing for acne because it puts oxygen into your pores to fight off acne bacteria without being harsh on your skin. Good luck!
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                  If you can get a script for it, accutane will clear up all your acne forever if taken in a high enough amount for a long enough period of time. Dave Palumbo wrote a protocol for this that you should be able to find online...


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                    Wanted to add the average humidity for my area is 80% annually, and that taking accutane should absolutely be the very last resort. It is a very harsh drug.